clinical supervision & group process


Regular supervision provides a reflective space to examine our work and ourselves. As a registered clinical psychology supervisor, Erin offers a reflective space that allows people to process difficult experiences and better understand the functions of certain behaviours.  External supervision is considered best practice for trauma-informed care. Group supervision offers a financially viable option with the additional benefit of working directly with the organisational system.


It is common for teams operating within a stressful environment to develop dynamics and behaviours that are unhealthy. Individual behaviours such as avoidance (absenteeism and presenteeism), hyper-arousal, and defensiveness are common in systems exposed to stress and trauma. Systemic dynamics such as scapegoating, parallel processes, and organisational risk aversion are also common. Without a safe reflective space to address these, a system can become ridged and unsafe for organisations, staff, and service users. Group processes shed light on these dynamics and their functions to address unhealthy team processes in a safe way. These groups are the ultimate team building experiences, creating healthy organisational culture, connection, and understanding.