Whilst we cannot always eliminate exposure to potentially traumatic events in the workplace, we can build resilience in organisational systems to buffer against its effects. Prevention and early intervention programs offer a wide-reaching impact on staff wellbeing and performance, organisational costs (e.g. absenteeism and WorkCover), and client outcomes. These programs can cover everything from recruitment (e.g. screening), resilience training, and clinical supervision to wellbeing programs designed for early intervention. 

Implement Trauma Informed Practice

Tailored support for organisations wanting to implement Trauma Informed Care. Contact Erin to discuss how this might look for your organisation.

Early Intervention & Wellbeing Programs

Prevention programs are designed to build organisational resilience and buffer against the effects of trauma. Early intervention programs provide systems to detect early signs of distress in individuals and systems and accessible pathways to existing supports. 

These programs are tailor made to meet the unique needs of an organisation.

Recruitment & Screening

Erin provides psychological assessment reports for staff and carers to identify their individual support needs. 

She also provides organisations with support to set up screening assessment processes.